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Upcoming Events

  • MACoM Annual Meeting: Celebrating Partnerships
    MACoM Annual Meeting: Celebrating Partnerships
    Thu, May 30
    Congregation Or Hadash
    May 30, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
    Congregation Or Hadash, 7460 Trowbridge Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA
    May 30, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
    Congregation Or Hadash, 7460 Trowbridge Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA
    Join MACoM in celebrating our community partnerships as we conclude a tremendously successful year.
  • Jewish Student Art: The Epstein School
    Jewish Student Art: The Epstein School
    April and May 2024
    April and May 2024
    MACoM, 700-A Mount Vernon Hwy NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA
    April and May 2024
    MACoM, 700-A Mount Vernon Hwy NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328, USA

Mikvah Reimagined

We are a strictly kosher and maximally inclusive space designed to meet the needs of the entire Jewish community. We value diversity and inclusivity and strive to be a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment for all who enter, no matter what their identity, Jewish background and affiliation, and reason for attending the mikvah.

MACoM is dedicated to promoting the use of mikvah in both traditional and contemporary contexts. Immersing in the Mikvah is no longer just for Niddah and conversions.

Last year, more than 50% of the immersion which took place at MACoM were for non-traditional uses including:

After Finalizing a Divorce

B’nai Mitzvah

Before Ordination

Being Present in the Moment

Completing a Period of Mourning


Following a First Menstruation

Following an Abortion

For a Challenging Life Transition

For a Joyous Life Transition

For Healing Toward Mental Health

For Those on a Fertility Journey


Healing from Abuse

Honoring the Process of Coming Out

In Generational Gratitude, For Jewish Women of Color

In Gratitude

In Preparation for the High Holidays

Milestone birthdays

Mourning a Miscarriage (couple and/or individual)

Niddah, Immersion Following Menstruation

Preparation for Sacred Service

Preparing for Marriage – Bride, Groom, or Parent

Rosh Chodesh

The Beginning of the Journey (Rosh HaShanah)

The Ninth Month of Pregnancy

Toward Healing 

Turning Toward Forgiveness (Yom Kippur)

Upon Reaching Menopause

Welcoming a Child

Welcoming Shabbat

Testimonials: Fertility Immersions

9th month of pregnancy: "I came today in anticipation of my first son as I am nine months pregnant today. I am so thankful for this experience of pregnancy and the excitement of birth. Thankful to dip before someone struggling with infertility because I was once in those shoes"

Trying to conceive: "Thank you so much for doing this mitzvah for me. Congratulations on your new baby!"

Immersions by Appointments Only.

48-Hour Notification Requested.

MACoM has been present for over 2500 immersions and we continue to grow.  We welcome everyone to immerse, regardless of their ability to give.  We are able to provide this blessing to our community because of the generous support of our donors.

What is a mikvah?
View of the Mikvah

​A mikvah is a special pool of living waters that is used for Jewish ritual immersion, one of the most beautiful mitzvahs. A mikvah must contain a certain minimum quantity of water which has been gathered without being “drawn” by human hands or tools. Mikvah originated from Biblical and Rabbinic sources for ritual purification and transformation. Ritual immersion is a powerful way of connecting to yourself, to Jewish tradition, and to God. As the only inclusive, pluralist mikvah in Atlanta, we welcome you.

Why is MACoM Unique?
LGBTQ wedding shot

​MACoM is the only mikvah in Atlanta open to the entire Jewish community regardless of one's affiliation, observance level, sexual orientation or capacity for physical mobility. The possibilities for traditional and modern immersions are almost limitless. Regardless of whether one is a regular user of the mikvah or has never been before, immersion in the mikvah is a way to acknowledge a life transition in a uniquely Jewish context.

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